After independence in 1961, the Government inherited two Trade Schools operated by the Ministry of Education. These were Ifunda & Moshi Technical Schools. The schools ran a three-year training programme for youth who had completed primary school education and the curriculum was broad in the first year with subsequent specialization during the second and third years. A period of two years indentured apprenticeship scheme was Songeaed to follow the school based training. Apprenticeship training was based on a 1940 ordinance; Cap.81 of the Laws. The schools were initially established to fill a real need because the country had neither the industrial network nor the skilled workers who could train others on the job. But while the curriculum placed great emphasis on workshop practice, the schools were at the same time conforming to the requirements of the education system instead of the industry system

Establishment of Chang’ombe Vocational Training Centre

In 1969 a Vocational Training Centre was established at Chang'ombe in Dar es Salaam. This was the first centre to conduct Vocational Education and Training in Tanzania. The people who were trained were army soldiers and workers from Ministry of Works. Then slowly candidates who had completed standard seven (primary school leavers) started to join such training. The Instructors at first were members of the military force and few civilians, Mr Ahmed Athuman, the Advisor to VETA management was one of the Instructors. As time went on, candidates who performed well started to be retained as Instructors. The centre started with three trades namely: Motor Vehicle Mechanics - with 29 candidates, fitter Mechanics - with 9 candidates, and Carpentry and Joinery - with 8 candidates.